Autoalign VH5 Wheel Aligner (8 Sensor)

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  • Professional model with Bluetooth data transmission with 8 sensor CCD camera wheel aligner.
  • Vehicle data more than 20,000 makes including Australian vehicles; easy custom-entry data access
  • 19 inch LCD monitor, PC, and Mono LASER printer.
  • special Spoiler Program to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies.
  • Dynamic data bank in function of car chassis height: this data bank automatically modifies the alignment specifications based on chassis height measurement.


Standard Accessories:

  • Probe rod + clamp bracket x 4 pc
  • Turn table x 2 pc
  • Steering wheel holder x 1 pc
  • Brake padel depressor x 1 pc
  • Quick Clamp x 4 pc
  • Quick Clamp Holder x 2 pc
  • Quick Clamp Extension Adaptor to 25 inch tyre (Optional, 12 pc)
  • Calibration Bar
Technical ParameterFront Axle AccuracyFront Axle Total Field of MeasurementRear Axle AccuracyRear Axle Total Field of Measurement
Total toe±2±6′±2′±6′
Semi toe±1′±3′±1′±3′
Set Back±2′±6′±2′±6′
SAI / KPI±5′±22′±5′±22′
Thrust angle<<<<±2′±6′