BT747 Vehicle Battery Tester with Printer

The Most Affordable Battery Tester with Print Out Result Available! test 6V/12V battery & 12V/24Vcharging system fast & accurate.

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  • The BT747 has built-in printer with a print out result of battery condition
  • Thermal printing paper roll universal type: 57mm(W) x 30mm (L).
  • Test 6V and 12V batteries PLUS a 12 & 24 Volt Charging System Analyzer (Tests Discharged Batteries Down to 1.5 volts)
  • Test rating system is including SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS (Battery Type No.)
  • The operation range is 40~2000CCA (SAE)
  • Testing Range: 1.5 V ~ 30 V
  • Precision Tolerance: CCA <+/- 5%, +/- 0,05V
  • Bright, 4 lines, 16 characters LCD display
  • Battery capacity, state of pass, recharge, recharge & retest, bad & replace, bad cell & replace readout display at the end of the test.
  • Powered by 4 x AA battery (1.5V)