M&B Engineering 100% Made in Italy WB680 balancer with laser and LED

Top model Italian full automatic wheel balancer with laser & monitor

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LCD monitor with 3 dimension graphics to facilitate work
Diameter and distance automatic internal gauge
Width automatic gauge
Eccentricity sensor laser
Solid, fast, reliable for all car wheels up to 30″ and diameter up to 1120 mm (44″)
Operate on wheels up to maximum 80 kg with an internal offset up to 345 mm
Motor inverter start up system: start and stop wheel operation in a very short time (7 seconds for 15″) with low noise
Aludata programs for aluminium rims
Hidden spoke program
Automatic fault-finding and self calibration for easy maintenance



Weight: 135 kg
Voltage: 230V 60 Hz
Balancing speed: 200 rpm at 60 Hz
Max wheel weight: 80 kg
Max wheel diameter: 1120 mm (44″)
Rim width: 2″ to 16″
Rim diameter: 8″ to 30″