ZELL AC2000 Full Automatic AC Refrigerant Recover Recycle Recharge Machine with Printer

This AC Machine combines simple operations with superior accuracy. The AC 2000 recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests, and recharges R-134a quickly and accurately. Automatic operation means less attention is needed!


Full Automatic
Easy operation
Self diagnosis
Pressure adjustment function on panel

pdf.gif Datasheetpdf.gif Datasheet2pdf.gif User Manual



Printer and heating belt built-in


Refrigerant: R134a
Operating Temp: 5 – 50 degree
Max Pressure: 18 bar
Weight: 105 kg
Dimension: 60 x 75 x 118 cm
HP/LP gauge: 80 mm/ class 1.0
HP/LP hoses: 250 cm/ SAE-J2196
LCD back lit: 192 x 64 dot
Compressor: 3/8 hp, 14 cc
Filter drier: 80 kg
Vacuum pump: 120L/min, 4.2 cfm
Tank: 22.5 L
PAG bottle: 250 ml
Electronic scale: 1g /30 kg
Printer built in